Backhoe Loaders HIDROMEK

    Backhoe loader Gidromek belongs to the category of universal equipment that is used in construction. The Turkish manufacturer focuses on practicality and functionality, so the equipment is easy to operate and maneuverable. The machines are distinguished by their small dimensions and low fuel consumption, which makes them in demand in the construction and agricultural industries.

    Backhoe loader Нidromek: functionality

    Construction equipment is considered multi-tasking because it replaces several types of construction equipment. The units are equipped with buckets (front and rear), due to which various loads are moved over long distances. The bucket at the back is used for digging soil, creating ditches, loading soil into dump trucks. Thus, the equipment performs the functions of an excavator and a front loader. The Hidromek loader has excellent maneuverability, especially if it is an equal wheel model. This technique can be used to remove snow. Also, cars have other features.

    • Have high power and noise reduction function.
    • Able to perform actions in confined spaces.
    • Works well at extremely low temperatures.
    • They are characterized by a long service life due to the assembly of parts made by highly specialized large brands.
    • Have rear excavator equipment that digs to maximum depth with a large reach.
    • Equipped with limited slip differential on the front axle.
    • Can be completed with additional attachments: auger drill, jackhammer, hydraulic multi-jaw gripper, ripper and various bucket models.

    Despite the huge functionality and excellent technical characteristics, the Hidromek backhoe loaders presented in our catalog have an acceptable cost. You can choose and buy any Hidromek backhoe loader. And if you have any questions, we will be happy to provide detailed information about each product.