Wheel Excavators HIDROMEK

    Wheel excavators Нidromek – indispensable special equipment in the industry

    Wheeled excavators Hidromek – special equipment which combines high productivity, versatility, modern design, easy handling and maintenance.

    Wheel excavator Нidromek

    The wheel excavator Нidromek has found application in many industries in Ukraine:

    1. – road and construction works;
    2. – landscaping;
    3. – digging pits and quarries;
    4. – landscaping;
    5. – agriculture;
    6. – the sphere of housing and communal services.

    8 reasons to buy a wheel excavator Нidromek in Ukraine

    The wheel excavator Нidromek is rightfully considered one of the leaders in its class in terms of performance, reliability and design:

    • Full-slewing – slewing support allows the platform to rotate 360 ​​°; and at any number of revolutions.
    • Economical fuel consumption – The machines are equipped with an electronically controlled Mitsubishi (200W) and Isuzu (140W) powertrain with an adjustable hydraulic pump, which makes it possible to save fuel, regardless of operating conditions.
    • Closed type hydraulic system & ndash; It is represented by an axial piston pump with variable displacement and an additional pump of small capacity of 20 l / h, which provides high bucket breakout power.
    • Reinforced buckets – Powerful extra long teeth, side cutters and double-sided HARDOX steel blades ensure easy penetration of the working tool into frozen or hard ground and a long service life.
    • Comfort – The wheeled full-circle excavator features a comfortable, spacious cab with an easy-to-use Opera control panel and an operator-friendly environment that dramatically improves work efficiency. The correct ergonomics of the control panel, seat and armrests ensure a comfortable position for the operator, even during prolonged work.
    • Boom and stick – the use of various designs and variations of sticks and removable buckets ensure high productivity and durability of the working tool. & nbsp;
    • Smartlink Tracking System – GPS navigation allows you to receive in real time the necessary data on the operation of special equipment (operating time, geolocation, fuel consumption, maintenance period, data on errors and malfunctions). Smartlink system allows for efficient use of special equipment.
    wheel excavator Нidromek

    Buy a used wheel excavator Нidromek from a warehouse and under the order

    Aleanda is engaged in the sale of construction equipment, you can buy a full-revolving wheel excavator from us at competitive prices on lease at 0% per annum. Various models of used Hidromek excavators are available for sale. In the absence of the necessary equipment in the warehouse, we can bring it to order from Europe. We provide effective technical support to our clients, and our professional service team will come to the rescue at any time. To buy Hidromek wheeled excavators, contact the phones listed at the top of the site or on the contacts page.