Features HIDROMEK 140 W

HMK 140 W

The Н4 W excavators of the new Н4 series are characterized by increased productivity, ease of operation and versatility, reliability, very low fuel consumption, ease of maintenance and comfortable conditions for the operator. This excavator is a leader in its class.

Design Award-winning series

The Н4 Series is a reflection of the HİDROMEK Operator concept. This concept is inherent in the production line of HİDROMEK excavators. Operators can operate the equipment and all operating functions in the most convenient position. The ergonomic positioning of the joystick, operator’s seat and armrests ensure maximum comfort, regardless of working conditions.

Control interface for OPERA operator
The GEN series was originally designed to increase operator comfort, so the excavators were equipped with a new convenient Opera control panel that is more ergonomic than previous models. Such a control panel is used for the first time in excavators of this class.
Save fuel

With the ISUZU electronic engine controls as well as the adjustable hydraulic pump, you can do more work and save fuel in the tank under different operating conditions.

More comfort
Higher levels of comfort and a conducive working environment with prolonged stay in the cockpit, providing satisfaction to the needs of the operator, significantly increase efficiency. The latter can therefore focus all his attention on the work being done.

Arrow, handle and connections
The construction of the booms and arms of the Н4 Series excavators allows for high performance and long service life. Different variants of handles and ladles are used for different conditions of use.

HİDROMEK Smartlink system
The Smartlink GPS tracking system allows you to obtain operational data such as usage time, geographical location, fuel consumption, maintenance time, and fault codes. This data is transmitted via the Internet to the service and consumers. This system provides more efficient control and maintenance of the machine.

Effective customer support
The after-sales service team is always there for you. Usually it is a team of trained technical staff who is able to respond quickly to the needs of consumers. Service points are located throughout the country. Mobile workshops are used for consumers abroad.

Exterior design
The comfort, ergonomics and ease of use are implemented in the Н4 series. All this provides maximum comfort for the operator, contributes to its high performance and less fatigue during long operation. The new Opera operator cab has a more efficient control system than previous models, and is more ergonomic and comfortable.

Interior design

Durability, economy and quality … The Н4 series excavators are specially designed for the most difficult conditions in the construction and mining operations, providing long service life and high productivity.