CRAWLER EXCAVATOR JCB 220 LC [10 488 h] [2015]

1 890 000 грн
60 000 €
70 391 $
Main characteristics:
220 LC
Graduation year
Working hours
10 488 m/h
20 000 кg

Type Four-stroke in-line four-cylinder diesel engine with
turbocharged, liquid cooled and direct injection.
Net power (ISO 3046-1NF) 128 kW (172 hp) at 2000 rpm.
The working volume of 4.8 liters.
Injection Electronic control.
Air filtration Dry air filter with auxiliary element and
warning indicator in the cockpit.
Cooling Liquid cooling with a powerful radiator.
Starter 24 volt – 4kW.
2 x 12 V heavy duty batteries.
Alternator 24 volt 55 amp.
Electric refueling pump.
Swivel motor Axial piston.
Swing brake Hydraulic brake and automatic spring parking brake
disk type.
Final drive Planetary gearbox.
Turning speed 12.9rpm.
Large diameter rotary gear transmission, with internal teeth, fully sealed,
Turn lock Lockable brake in the cab.
SC Undercarriage Modifications – Standard, NC – Narrow, and LC – Long Undercarriage.
Design Fully welded cruciform frame with protection for travel motors and
lower protection of the central part.
Inclined lateral parts with openings for an exit of dirt in the top skating rinks.
Tow hole Front and rear.
Track Type Sealed and Oiled.
NC & SC Link Configurations – 500mm, 600mm, 700mm.
LC – 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm.
Upper and lower rollers Heat treated, sealed and lubricated.
Track Adjustment Using lubricated cylinders.
Track tensioners Sealed and lubricated with shock absorbing spring.
Number of track guides 2 on each side 2 on each side
Number of lower rollers 7 on each side 8 on each side
Number of top rollers 2 on each side 2 on each side
Number of track links 46 on each side 49 on each side
Load sensing, variable flow, automatically controlled feed, variable output
power and multi-function servo control with open centers. Auto warm up machine
(standard feature) provides maximum performance at low temperatures.
Main pumps Two axial piston pumps
with variable displacement.
Maximum flow 2 x 214 L / min
Servo pump Gear pump.
Max flow 20 L / min
Control valve
Combined four- and five-piece control valve with auxiliary section as standard
complete set. If necessary, the flow of twin pumps is fed to the boom, bucket and its handle to increase
speed and performance.
Bypass Valve Parameters
Boom / Stick / Bucket 343 bar
Automatic boost 373 bar
Swivel circuit 289 bar
Motion contour 343 bar
Control control 40 bar
A separate damping valve in the servo system provides softer operation for the booms and sticks, as well as
quick warm-up of the servo system.
Hydraulic cylinders
Bidirectional with screwed end caps and hardened steel bearing bushings. Hydraulic cylinders
booms, sticks and bucket are standardly equipped with damping.
Safety valves are optionally available to protect against bursting of the hoses on the boom and stick cylinders.
Compliance with the highest filtration standards ensures a long oil and element life.
hydraulic system.
In a tank of 150 microns, the mesh filter.
The return line of the main circuit is 10 microns, a fibrous element.
1.5 micron bypass line, paper element.
Control line 10 microns, paper element.
The reverse line of the contour of the hydraulic hammer is 10 microns, an element with a reinforced microstructure.
Cooling is provided by a purge cooling system with a return line, which is part of a one-way
cooling systems, and water cooling of the engine.
Type Hydrostatic, three-speed with automatic gear shift between
high and medium speed.
Axial piston-type propulsion engines with an inclined disk, completely covered by the chassis frame.
Final drive Planetary gearbox, overhead sprockets.
Service brakes Hydraulic balancing valve to prevent overspeeding
inclined surface.
Parking brakes Automatic spring-loaded disc type with hydraulic brake mechanism.
Gradeability Maximum 70% (35 degrees).
High speed – 5.6 km / h
Average – 3.3 km / h
Low – 2.3 km / h
Bollard pull 191.9kN

220 LC
Graduation year
Working hours
10 488 m/h
20 000 кg
Manager Ruslan
Manager Ruslan
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