Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic hammers from the Italian production HAMMER are in high demand, but sometimes there are questions regarding the quality of the product.

Therefore, we have written a short description of the products that will allow you to pick the right series of hydraulic hammers.

The HAMMER hydraulic hammers are divided into two series, the FX series and the HM series, starting with the HM series. The HM series hydraulic hammers are used under normal conditions, namely in public repair work, in dismantling operations, but it is necessary to observe the rules of use, but many users of the HM series hydraulic hammers say that the quality is poor, while using a hydraulic hammer for professional purposes , that is, used in quarries and ore mining environments, so HAMMER has manufactured the FX Series for these conditions, which is a reinforced and durable series of hydraulic hammers that are intended for use in mining and quarrying. cal conditions specific differences FX series is that hydraulic hammers this series are double chamber, waterproof and resistant to wear.

The price for the FX series and the HM series is different because the FX series is a professional series.