FIORI Group was founded in 1942 in Italy. The founder of the company is Fioravante Malavolta. The purpose of the foundation was the idea of designing and manufacturing construction machinery using vehicle-specific components.

After World War II, Italy needed to rebuild. FIORI started making trucks adapting US Army old vehicles. After 15 years, the company began to produce the first off-road dumpers. The 2,5 m3 capacity dumper had equipped with a 180° pivoting driving seat. In 1965 was created an original vehicle. It was capable of simultaneously produce transport and cast concrete: the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer.


Over the next 50 years, FIORI Group has developed and manufactured many special equipment and modifications. Innovative technologies were introduced. Production processes were optimized.

Today, FIORI Group’s headquarters located in Finale Emilia, Italy. The company designs develops and manufactures trucks and off-road vehicles for concrete production. Every day thousands of cubic meters of concrete are mixed, transported and poured in many different building sites across the world through the FIORI GROUP’s products, particularly in Piling, Foundation, Concrete products, Industrial & Residential buildings, Municipalities & Urban Infrastructures, Railways, Roads, Bridges, Canal Lining, Irrigation, Tunneling, Mining and Concrete Supplying.


Popular Models

We present all types of Fiori equipment at an affordable price to small and medium businesses. Models are in stock or custom order. Also, the catalog of the store gets updated by expanding the production series of the brand.

The assortment of the company allows to create an effective solution for every customer.