SANY – Truck crane from China

Aleanda works on the principle of honesty and builds long-term relationships with customers.

That is why we will find special equipment for any requests and parameters. Large, heavy special equipment, piling rigs, asphalt pavers, aerial platforms, rollers, bulldozers, graders – all this and much more we provide to customers every day.

For example, in the video, the new SANY STC350T truck crane of 2019 release year was brought from China to client. This model is the only one in Ukraine and has the following characteristics:

  • Load capacity 35 tons;
  • Outrigger flight: longitudinal 6.0 m; transverse 6.18;
  • Boom length: base bracket 11.06 m; the longest bracket – 40.7 m;
  • Lifting height: base bracket 11.35 m, and maximum 35 m;
  • The total weight of the chassis is 18100 kg;
  • The minimum diameter of turn is 23 m;
  • Approach angle ≥18.5°;
  • Departure angle ≥12°.