Privacy Policy

Confidentiality of personal information of visitors on the site is extremely important to us. The order of collection, use and disclosure by the Administration of the site of information about Visitors is regulated by the Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies to the entire website. For all questions regarding the privacy policy, you can contact the contact numbers listed on the site.

The amount of data collected that can directly or indirectly identify you on the site is minimized. The site is limited to the collection and processing of information strictly necessary to ensure the most comfortable conditions for the use of site services, as well as the provision of quality consulting and sales services, which are presented on the site

When visiting the site or using the services of the site, we collect and processes certain data for a specific purpose:

  • Your Contact Information (name and telephone number) is required if you wish to use the Callback Service;
  • When sending an application, the Contact Information (name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name) provided by you is required only for the provision of consulting and sales services. By providing Contact Information, you agree to its use, processing and storage by the Site. By submitting an application on the site, you confirm the correctness of the data provided by you and agree to the transfer of information to employees of the company for your further service;
  • Messages sent to us by e-mail or other messages may be stored for further processing of the order, answers to your questions and improvement of our work. Your e-mail address and contact telephone number may be used to contact you;
  • To process the information, the Site Administration uses cookies that are sent to the user’s computer or other device when visiting the site. Cookies are used to improve the quality of services provided, to simplify the use of certain features of the site, as well as for marketing purposes. Cookies are stored on your individual device, and you have complete control over their use.

Security of information on the site:

  • The site uses generally accepted standards of technological and operational protection of information and personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction;
  • Personal data is used solely to fulfill our obligations to customers who want to buy goods in our company;
  • Access to your data is available only to authorized employees of the company who work directly with consulting and your further service;
  • The activity of the Site Administration is carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered only in the manner prescribed by the laws of Ukraine.
This Privacy Policy may be changed by the Site Administration unilaterally. The current Privacy Policy of the Site is displayed on this page.